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John Magers, owner of Magers Taxidermy, brings years of experience to the job. John has the artistic eye and skilled hand that allows him to provide the artistic authenticity making the animals look true to nature. Each project is a lifelike work of art, with quality that lasts a lifetime. Whether your harvest is small game or big game, or exotic animals, we can preserve that memory forever.

Why Choose Us?

Let Your Trophy Tell a Story

We are avid outdoorsmen who understand the importance of immortalizing your trophy by enhancing the animal’s best feature and accurate anatomical features. With our years of experience as taxidermists, and as lifelong outdoorsmen, we have the ability to provide a lifelike trophy for you. We are very passionate about what we do, and take pride in our work. For us it is not one more project, but rather the opportunity to make your hunt be preserved in memory forever. Each mount is personalized, thus each trophy is unique as it is in the wild.

Our History

Greg Magers started Magers Taxidermy in his house to feel closer to his love of hunting and provide for his family. Just like his family, the business grew and became successful. With every mount, Greg perfected his skills as a taxidermist.

Soon, he began to pass these skills onto his sons. At the early age of 10, John began working for his father, skinning animals, and doing whatever was needed to be done around the shop. The rest, as they say, is history.

John Magers now runs Magers Taxidermy.  We are dedicated and committed to provide the best natural and lifelike trophy for you.